Studio gear

2010-04-14 09:16:03 by BatesyBates

Things have been relatively terrible in the studio recently. Soundcard input is absolutely blown, so making songs sound nice has been hard. It feels like weeks since I've done anything with my synths and they appear to be gathering dust.

But never fear! These days are over! For I have ventured into the unknown, what those "humans" call the outdoors, and I have bought a shiny new Alesis iO 2! Expect new music from me very soon, as I type this my microKORG is sitting on my lap hooked up to my Blofeld and I have ideas riveting through my head for a new song idea. Enjoy it when it is here! Now if you'll excuse me...

Studio gear


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2010-04-14 11:40:43

Mmmmm.... MicroKorg tastes good.

BatesyBates responds:

You like to eat hardware synthesizers? You are cruel :D lol ^^