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My name is Bates, I'm 16 now, and I enjoy making music. I am quite inexperienced at making music but I guess its good to get some feedback. In the unlikely event that you actually enjoy my music, you can send me an email at alexbates@sky.com. Thanks!

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Newgrounds!! Oh the sight of Newgrounds is one grand sight indeed!

Ahem. An unfortunate event has occurred in my life. What? No, I haven't gone mad. Well, actually I have..but I lost my internet! Trust me, it's a long story. If you really are here wondering why I haven't posted anything then read on..

I have eleven minutes to write this. Probably less. And now even less for sure. Oh for crying out loud!

So it all started in late November, when, well, my internet broke. Fair enough, there had been nothing wrong with it for the three years I had that particular connection, so I wasn't too pissed. I phoned the technician who said he would come out in 3 days time to fix it. I wasn't the happiest bunny ever, but went along.

Now at the time, it was snowing. The technician basically told me that he wouldn't fix the connection until the snow had disappeared. Realistically, this could have been late June, 2028. So we pulled our contract with that ISP (Virgin Media) and contacted Sky Broadband to register with them. They told us that it would take 9-14 days to activate. Fair enough.

13 days later, I phoned them again just to make sure that everything was alright and everything was still in order. Guess what the answer was? Nope..

Turns out that the first representative on the phone all the way back at the beginning of the month forgot to put the router in the order! This person reassured me and told me that it would be another 9-14 days as they had to reactivate the line. F-fair e...enough...

It was 14 days later that I found out that this was a complete lie. I had the connection since 21st December but for a second time, the router had somehow worked its way out of the order completely. This THIRD REPRESENTATIVE I was speaking to reassured me once more and told me that they would put the router for next day delivery, and that I would get it on Wednesday (the wednesday just last week!)

So on Wednesday, guess what didn't come in the post? That's right. The router. Heh.

That evening, I phoned AGAIN, and spoke to a kindly Irish man, who told me that he was completely baffled at the whole thing, and that he would definitely have this all sorted in 3-5 days. The fifth day ends this Tuesday. Yeah. It's gonna happen again isn't it?

Hopefully when I get back I can get into the swing of things and start writing music again. SHIT ONE MINUTE!! BYE NEWGROUNDS!!! -Bates

PS: I don't have internet, I am using another connection.

PPS: I had a great Christmas and New Year, I hope you also had a fantastic time and I also wish that this year will be a great year for you. Aim high and don't give up on your hopes and dreams!

PPPS: I bought a new synth yesterday, the Roland GAIA SH-01. If you don't know it/can't be bothered to read up on it, it is an absolute beast of a machine, expect some pretty decent stuff from me (by my standards) coming up!

PPPPS: I have got tons of song ideas stacked up, you see, when I lost my internet I had just reinstalled Windows, so I didn't have Audacity. I'm downloading it right now though, so hopefully I can get in some great work over these next few weeks.

PPPPPS: I am very busy at the moment as I have to study for my upcoming prelims (preliminary exams) so I may not be able to do much work until two weeks time I am afraid.

PPPPPPS: I'll stop this now =D

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