Improving sound quality..

2010-03-13 20:27:49 by BatesyBates

Ok so I've been trying to find ways to improve the sound quality in my songs a bit. IT'S NOT WORKING. I think my sound card is absolutely fucked. I am currently using a small guitar amp as my signal amplifier, and it worked fine up until about November last year. But I don't think the guitar amp is the problem. It's my sound card. Ever since my sound card bugged up, line in only records the right channel, meaning I have to split the left and right channels with Audacity (couldn't live without it) and change the right channel to a mono channel so that it plays through both speakers. I reckon this is the cause for the drop in quality. If anybody is reading this, anybody at all, can you please recommend a good sound card to me? I don't really know where to look. All I can find is gaming ones, which are plastered all over the internet.

Thanks in (an extremely long) advance.<p>%u2248%u2248%u2248</p>


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2010-03-23 18:59:06

well have you tried reinstalling the sound card or re-formatting it?

BatesyBates responds:

Yeah, tried a lotta different things, think I'm gonna get a sound card with a preamp so that I don't have to use the guitar amp at all. Probably would result in less noise in my songs..only thing is soundcards are hard to find as there isn't really a website or anything dedicated to soundcards that I have found :(


2010-03-23 19:03:47

p.s. Audacity really is great


2010-03-23 19:31:51

well then I suggest the

Creative Audigy SE Surround Sound Card if your on a budget or the

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Sound Card if your not

(Updated ) BatesyBates responds:

Thanks a lot mate, really helpful. I'll check them out when I got time! Thanks again!

EDIT: I think I'll save up for that M-Audio, it looks real nice.