Entry #1

Oh what a Merry Christmas!

2009-12-27 08:49:21 by BatesyBates

Greetings invisible people that have clicked their way to my page! I hope you had a nice Christmas of 2009, I know I did. I got a shiny new microKORG that I will most definitely be including in my songs from now on! Increasing my arsenal to:

Korg Electribe MX
Waldorf Blofeld
and the Korg microKORG!

For the tiny amount of people reading this, hope you had a nice christmas and a happy new year ;)

Oh what a Merry Christmas!


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2010-03-07 14:22:43

Meh, my christmas was alright. But it was not bad though, because i got a game! I love games! By the way, that piano rocks! I bet it has tons of stuff you could do with it!

BatesyBates responds:

Yes, tons of stuff :P very fun and useful! Thanks for commenting! :)